Dept of ENT & COCHLEAR IMPLANT SURGERY is running under the able leadership of DR SUMIT MRIG (Principal Consultant & HEAD Ent ) who super specializes in cochlear implant surgery for deaf people & Snoring & sleep apnea surgery at Max smart super specialty hospital along with his team members DR VINEET NARULA ( Consultant ENT) who enriches the Dept with his super specialty training & expertise in Voice, Laryngology & airway disorders. The strength of the Dept on day to day basis is given by DR SANDEEP ARORA ( Ass consultant ENT) & MRS INDU GUPTA( ENT coordinator) who ensures seamless admission/ discharge/ feedback, CPRS compliance & other patient satisfaction related scores making ENT Dept a success story to the fact that the Dept has bagged awards like “ VALUE YOUR AWARD” & numerous “MAX SMART SHINING STAR” award in the year 2016-18. The Dept also takes pride in achieving 100% E prescription & 100% CPRS compliance since it got rolled at Max smart.

In the last 2.5 yrs, the Dept has grown exponentially in terms of revenue generation, academic excellence, patient satisfaction, postoperative results & has established itself as a par excellence training center nationally & internationally through its fellowship program under the flagship of MIMER.

The Dept is running a Fellowship program In ENT & COCHLEAR IMPLANT surgery under the flagship of MIMER & trains Sg across the country on a 6 month -1 yr dedicated fellowship program intending to increase the standard of ENT treatment across various centers in India.

Since his joining the Dept has shown more than 300% growth in terms of footfall in opd & ipd cases done every month taking the count to approx 1300 Pt opd from 250 in early 2016 & average of 50 Ipd from 15 cases done before he took charge of the Dept. The annual ENT footfall is now approx 15000 pts & ipd 600 plus cases per year.

Apart from Increasing the ENT work the Dept has taken pride in introducing new  ENT innovations & technology ( VNG LAB, SIAL ENDOSCOPY & STROBOSCOPY ) in making ENT DEPT as most advanced Dept in entire PAN MAX INDIA. 

Recently vestibulonystagmography (VNG lab) has been established in opd for the 1st time at Max healthcare across India through its unit MAX SMART at Saket for a complete evaluation of vertigo patients on an opd basis.

Also, SIALENDOSCOPY surgery has been started at max smart for the 1st time across max healthcare for endoscopic removal of Salivary gland stones without giving any incisions on a daycare basis.

This is 1st kind of clinical expertise offered at Max smart hospital at par with international standards. 

The pride of the Dept runs through its COCHLEAR IMPLANT program which has spread across many national & international centers with the vision of Dr. Sumit Mrig, well supported by the marketing team at Max healthcare. 

Under Dr. Sumit Mrig’s leadership, the Cochlear program at max smart is one of the most successful running private programs achieving close to 100 % results in terms of surgical & speech rehabilitation success. It also takes pride in that a patient story got included under the “SEVABHAV” initiative who came for cochlear implant surgery in Pakistan.

Various Deafness & Ent opd are successfully running at Max opd centers at Srinagar/ Gorakhpur/ Lucknow where Dr. Sumit Mrig visits every month for screening pts for cochlear implant & other ENT surgery at Max smart.

The Dept has pride in establishing 1st international Ci program in Kenya through its Max opd center in Nairobi & also started ENT & Cochlear implant program in Uzbekistan/ Kazakhstan.

Apart  from this successful cochlear surgeries have been done from various countries across the globe including pts from Kenya / Sudan/ Rwanda / Afghanistan / Pakistan / Bangladesh / Iraq/ Turkmenistan / Russia / Ethiopia & Nigeria . Efforts are being done to collaborate with a hospital in Kenya to make it a hub center for Ci Sg for entire East Africa under the umbrella of Max healthcare. 

In the period of last ten years, DR SUMIT MRIG has established himself as one of the youngest COCHLEAR IMPLANT  Sg in Asia & has done successful 250 cochlear implant surgeries in children & adults. With the efforts, the cochlear program at Max smart is now on the list of the top 3 centers in DELHI to offer Ci surgeries. 

In terms of academic excellence, he is a mentor surgeon to many centers across India to start CI prog, also been a mentor Sg to ADIP centers through govt of India under the ministry of social empowerment & justice. In the last few years, he has been an invited faculty & has represented India at Cochlear congresses at LISBON( ESPCI), CYPRUS (APSCI), CAPE TOWN & DUBAI ( World congress of Ci in emerging countries). 

He has also been awarded as a Fellow of the otolaryngologic society of DUBAI last year. 

He has been instrumental in framing guidelines for cochlear implant surgery for the prestigious AOI( Association of otolaryngologists of India) & CIGI (Cochlear implant group of India ) this year. He has also written various chapters on vertigo in books published internationally.