Medical Tourism


OUR TEAM: R-L , Dr Vineet Narula, Dr Sumit Mrig, Dr Sandeep Arora, Dr Harsha Pandiya

We offer world class, affordable medical treatment for international and Indian patients. The treatment is coordinated through experienced and knowledgeable organization with professional relationships at most respected medical facilities. Currently, it has leading doctors, corporate clients and a patient base in excess of 10000 from several Countries.

Our Team
includes a network of managers and tourism professionals and panel of experts in all medical/surgical fields to assist you through every step.

Coblation adenoidectomy in 6 Year old Child from Abuja

From  “Rawanda” After hearing problem treatment.

Cochlear implant in 2 years old child from Pakistan

Cochlear implant in a 4 Year Old child from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Successful Ear Surgery

Patient operated for parotid gland tumor from Iraq

Cochlear implant in 12 month child from Pakistan

Sinus  surgery done for Mr. ebrahim 56 yr old from London by Dr. Sumit Mrig for Chronic Sinusitic at Max Smart.