Sankalp ENT & COCHLEAR IMPLANT center is a state of art ENT / AUDIOLOGY/ SPEECH THERAPY/ VERTIGO & REHABILITATION CENTRE spread over a 2200 sq ft area in west Delhi with its location in Dwarka. It’s a daycare opd center where all opd consults regarding any ENT problem along with a facility to diagnose any audiology or vertigo-related issues. World-class international diagnostic equipment with soundproof chambers has been installed with special emphasis on a newborn screening program(OAE) to detect deafness. Regular workshops are conducted at the center to create awareness of hearing loss in the community. 

The center runs AVT therapy for cochlear implantees to impart them with speech & language post cochlear implant surgery. The center has 2 well-trained audiologists & speech therapists along with an AVT therapist for cochlear implantees.